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We feel very fortunate to receive countless compliments and testimonials from our parents, reflecting on their family’s journey and their satisfaction with The Children’s Center of Austin, Texas. Many of our satisfied parents leave a review for their child’s school on our Google+ page.

See our reviews below, and feel free to leave us a review yourself. We appreciate your time, and we strive to be the best possible early childhood school available for your child.

Here are some of our favorites:

“The staff at the Children's Center of Austin have consistently exceeded my expectations over the last almost two years, that my son has attended. From his teacher, Ms. Emilie, to the wonderful Ms. Laura, to center director Ms. Nicole, the school is the place to have your child attend for preschool. I think it's safe to say that every parents' major concern is that your child is safe, cared for, loved and is involved in a program that help them to grow mentally and physically. CCOA in Steiner Ranch checks off each box. I recommend this location 100% and with no hesitation. I truly love this location and staff.”

Curtis Coats

“Our daughter attended CCOA from the time she was 3 months old until just after she turned 3. She loved her time there and everyone was like an extended part of our family. The family atmosphere and friends she made are truly priceless. I would recommend this facility to anyone who lives in the area and is looking for a place for their child that will truly show a genuine interest in their well-being.”

Scot Kaup

I just love the atmosphere they create at this school! My 3 year old son always comes home with creative projects and great stories from their activities everyday. I just love that he is so happy to attend and that the teachers take such great care of him! Thank you!”

Kristy Etheredge

“My children have attended CCOA - Steiner Ranch for just over a year now. We have had a fantastic experience to date! We love that the academic curriculum is the focus here, in preparing our children for kindergarten. And the teachers have been absolutely wonderful. They genuinely care about our kids' well-being and development. My girls have made some great friends, which has brought us together with other families in the Steiner Ranch community. We couldn't ask for a better preschool experience. Focused, Clean, Caring and Fun.”

Audrey Krupa

“We love CCOA! I have had 3 children attend CCOA at one time or another and my 4-year-old is currently attending pre-K. We love the teachers and the staff and have been extremely pleased with the curriculum. My son has fun every day and is excited to go. Overall, we are thrilled with CCOA!”

Alysia Transou

“Our kids have been at the Children's Center for over 2 years. The infant care has been awesome – no complaints. We went through a rocky period with our older daughter last year, but they hired a new director and everything is much improved now! Our daughter LOVES her pre-K teacher this year. He is definitely the best teacher she has had there. She loves going everyday!”

Jennifer Montgomery

“It had become a bit of a challenge coming up with new playing and learning activities for my son. He is more enriched by being in a new environment, gaining a little bit of independence from me, and learning to be around not only other good role models, but also learning to be social with other children his own age. I am so thankful for CCOA!”

Heather Mapes 

“My daughter has attended CCOA for the past year and a half and we have been pleased with her experience. The teachers in the infant and toddlers' rooms are excellent and she has thrived in their care. She has formed strong bonds and is excited to see them and her friends each morning.”

Jennifer Boyd

“My daughter, Sydney, loves going to school every day. She has met amazing friends, and has always had the best teachers. I love when I am walking her to class and teachers who have never had her in class know exactly who she is and say hello. It's great to know that my daughter isn't just another kid that goes there, but a child that matters. Each child is treated with the same kindness.”

Cissy Stasio

“I have had several opportunities to enroll my son in other daycare facilities – many of which are closer to home or cost less, but because of the adoring teachers, the attentive office staff and administrators, the structured curriculum, and the vast variety of resources available to the kids on a daily basis...I choose to have these people and this facility involved in our daily lives. I love what this school offers my son!”

Angela Mestemaker

“Both of my kids have been extremely happy at The Children's Center of Austin. We moved to Austin from Dallas two years ago and it was a bit of a struggle to find quality care in our neighborhood on short notice. The teachers are very caring and responsive to all of the kids and everyone seems happy to be there. They have great programs during the school year and the summers are a lot of fun for my son w/ all of the field trips and the swimming (it's the only thing that actually wears him out!).”

Sue Atkinson

“We have been very pleased with choosing Children's Center since the very first day we enrolled our first child. It gives me peace of mind to know our girls are receiving good attention and care as well as being exposed to a variety of activities and curriculum. We know the caretakers are monitoring our girls closely from the feedback we receive each day. They have done a great job of hiring caretakers who seem truly invested in the well-being of the children and teaching them development and behavioral skills. We feel the Children's Center is a step above daycare facilities and is well worth the investment.

Ginger and Luke Nelson

"I'm fortunate that I'm a writer and work from home. I ended up visiting The Children's Center on a whim as technically I could keep my daughter home and work around her schedule. Not only was I IMPRESSED but she was as well. So much so that we've quickly gone from two days a week up to three at HER insistence. Sure, the facility is clean safe, etc. but more than that the staff really seems to CARE about the kids and always greets my daughter by name and not just with a wave.

Recently, I went to pick her up early and she asked me to come back later and informed me she wanted to STAY! That, in my opinion, is the best endorsement ever."

Carla Birnberg

"We are very appreciative of the care and instruction that our son has received in his year at The Children’s Center, and feel that he is well-prepared to enter kindergarten this fall. Christine has been a wonderful teacher, and the leadership of Stacy and Ruth has also been observed. It has been a comfortable and safe place for him this past year. Thank you all so much."


To The Children's Center of Austin,
Choosing a daycare is one of the most important decisions of your life. You are placing the thing you hold most dearly in your heart in the hands of someone else. With that being said, why I am so grateful to the teachers and staff of your school.

Each person at the Steiner location is so vested in the children. They do not just seem like teachers, they seem like family. They take special care of each child and access exactly what care they need. My daughter had some minor health problems when she started at the location when she was a year old and her teacher met and exceeded all the expectations I had of her. She is now three and still loves the school and the teachers. Each staff member she has been with she has had a wonderful experience with.

I watch how the teachers/staff interact with all the children and it warms my heart. From the teachers, to the cook, the receptionist and up to the Staff Coordinator and Director, they all give over 100% care to each child. I see a smile on every face at the school and it makes me feel safe and happy my child can be there with such loving people.

Thank you for watching the most important person in my life.

– Deanna Krischke

The entire school’s staff is fantastic. They greet us each day with genuine warmth and care. My son’s teachers are extraordinary with the children, and I am always impressed at how friendly and supportive the other teachers are with us as well! Thus, why “family” is the first word that comes to mind when I think of CCOA, which is very comforting as I drop my child off each morning. I trust he could not be in better care.”

– Kendall Woltenberg

“My three year old daughter has attended Children’s Center of Austin – Steiner Ranch since the day it opened. She is a happy, secure child who loves to learn. This is in no small part due to the relationships that she has developed with her friends, her teachers, and the staff at CCOA - Steiner. Now, my second child has started attending, and again his relationship with his teacher has eased the transition from home to school.

It is comforting to know that while I am away from my children, they are being cared for by someone who genuinely enjoys watching them grow and learn. I feel like the school is a part of our community and interested in the development of our children. CCOA – Steiner has also been able to build on the secure foundation it has given my children, and have provided an enriching environment for my children to learn. My daughter has excelled beyond all expectations, and has enjoyed every moment of her class time where she learns science, math, language, Spanish, art, and computers, but still finds plenty of time to develop lifelong friendships with other kids from her neighborhood. It makes me very happy to know that my children are safe and happy, and are learning and developing relationships with their teachers and friends. I would highly recommend CCOA – Steiner to any family.”

– Julie Hildebrand

“My two boys are students at the Children’s Center of Austin at Bee Cave Rd. They love it! The teachers are wonderful – kind, caring people who love children and enjoy teaching.T he facility is outstanding – two playgrounds, computer rooms, gyms, art rooms, a swimming pool, and very nice classrooms. The director and education-coordinator do an excellent job overseeing and guiding the school. The children have plenty of activities during the day, and another great option is the “extra-curricular” activities! It’s so nice that the kids can take additional classes such as sports, music, and language without me having to take them somewhere after school. I’m happy knowing my children are in such caring hands and a great environment while I’m at work.”

– Gen, CCOA parent

“Under the leadership of Carrie Guarascio, CCOA of Steiner Ranch has become more than just a childcare provider, it has become an extension of our family. She promotes a collaborative parent-teacher-director approach to continue enhancing and improving the school’s programs. She and curriculum coordinator Andrea [last name] play a very active role by engaging daily with our children and encouraging their individual needs for growth.”

– Gen, CCOA parent

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